Working With PT's

Working With PT’s is a program that enables us to sponsor personal trainers across Australia. We are looking for and sponsoring personal trainers across the country that we believe to be a good fit for the Nutrition Zone brand and Team. To be considered for sponsorship Personal Trainers must be enthusiastic about supplements and be enthusiastic about helping to grow not only our brand but their own brand as well, as the most successful partnerships as always when both parties are striving and moving in the same direction.

Personal Trainers Will Receive:

NOTE: The below benefits are relevant to all sponsorship levels.

  • Receive 15-40% off all Nutrition Zone supplements and products.
  • Receive Team NZ Packs every 12 weeks (The contents of the Team NZ packs vary, they can contain anything from a few bars and samples to small products, shakers, jugs, etc).
  • Access to exclusive in-house Nutrition Zone deals that are otherwise only available to Nutrition Zone Athletes and staff.
  • Access to exclusive in-house giveaways that are only otherwise available to Nutrition Zone Athletes and staff.
  • The opportunity to work with like-minded personal trainers looking to grow their brands as well.
  • The opportunity to earn store credit commision if we believe they are working well as a Nutrition Zone Partner and progress to higher sponsorship levels.

NOTE: The below requirements are relevant to all sponsorship levels.

  • Personal Trainers must always strive to provide the best possible service to their clients. (If you are partnered with Nutrition Zone the quality of your service also reflects onto us.)
  • Personal trainers must have an active presence on social media.
  • Post a minimum of once a week (story or feed) relevant to Nutrition Zone. We track all posts that we are tagged in. The Nutrition Zone Social Media pages can be found here: Instagram, Facebook.
  • Post a Nutrition Zone 5% discount code in your Instagram biography.


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